Rights free for you as a user of a video-conference application
(“limited basic usage right”)

All material provided as a direct download on this website can be used as a customized video chat background in the video-conference application of the Users choice. Please be aware that our content is licensed for as a basic usage right that is limited to the terms of this Agreement. The provided media content cannot be used for commercial advertising or editorial purpose. Furthermore, the provided media content must not be edited.

Without accepting the disclaimer, the download is not possible.

Disclaimer for the Use of Photographs provided by DFL Digital Sports on this website

  1. Subject to the conditions laid out in this Disclaimer, DFL Digital Sports GmbH (“DFL DS”) intends to grant the user of this website (the “User”) licenses to utilize the respective high-quality photographs (the “Photographs”) as a customized video-chat background on all available video-conference applications (i.e. Zoom, MS Teams). DFL DS would like to point out that it is not the author of the Photographs but that it has merely obtained a license to utilize such Photographs from Getty Images International.
  2. All Photographs provided by DFL DS may be downloaded and integrated as background photos in the Users video stream of the video-conference application they choose, if technically possible. Please be aware that the Photographs are licensed for the sole purpose of the aforementioned use and that they are non-editable. The Photographs must not be utilized under any circumstances for commercial, advertising, editorial or any other purposes than the one described above.
  3. The User is expressly not permitted to sub-license or further transfer the rights or to grant additional rights of use concerning the Photographs to any third person.
  4. If a photographer (being the author of a specific Photograph that has been shared by DFL DS) exercises his/her right to revoke authorization under § 41 German Copyright Act [Urheberrechtsgesetz, "UrhG"] or § 42 UrhG, the User undertakes to immediately refrain from all further utilization of the respective Photograph upon receiving notification from a representative or employee of DFL DS or from any representative or employee of DFL Group (meaning DFL e.V. or DFL GmbH) . The User will take all reasonable efforts to stop and reverse acts of utilization that have already begun.
  5. The User is not permitted to process, including clip, turn, adjust colors, apply filters and effects to the Photographs.
  6. 6. Utilization and falsification of the Photographs which are foreign to the theme of the Photographs and can lead to denigration of the shown persons, football, the Bundesliga and/or the Bundesliga 2 are not permitted.
  7. The Photographs must not be either directly or indirectly utilized in a pornographic, defamatory, insulting or illegal manner or in combination for comparison with other materials.
  8. When utilizing the Photographs, the User is required to retain the copyright symbol, the name of Getty Images, included as part of the data file as well as any other information about the image contained in the image data file in the digital data files of the Photographs. These items cannot be removed from the digital data file.
  9. This disclaimer is subject exclusively to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from or in connection with this contract is Frankfurt am Main, Germany.